Henley Royal Regatta 2012

Following the Diamond Jubliee River Pageant in 2012, the next outing for Gloriana was at Henley Royal Regatta. She was moored outside the boat tents where for the first time a limited number of the public (badge holders only) were able to have a close look at the barge. The overwhelming reaction and comment was amazement at the quality of workmanship and beauty of the craft. Everyone wanted to be photographed standing beside her and she became the unofficial meeting point and was given a headline in the Telegraph: Henley Royal Regatta: Gloriana the star attraction.

Permission had been granted by the Stewards of Henley Royal Regatta for Gloriana to row over the course after the last race of the regatta. A crew of past and present Olympic oarsmen and women was recruited and they rowed up the course after the final race – for a few, this would be a practice row for the next event: the final leg of the Olympic Torch Relay.