Robin Johnson and his story of the wonderful Gloriana Model

As soon as I saw QRB Gloriana I wanted to build a model of her so, following some research on Google, I contacted the designer, Stuart Roy, who was able to provide me with the plans. I then did some maths and adjusted the plans to 1–32 scale and began to build.

The model is built following a similar process as the original; hardwood Keel first, formers to give her shape then clinker built with thin ply planking from the keel up. Hardwood fore deck, rowing stations and boarding deck followed by the salon which is panelled with Sweet Chestnut veneer, rear deck, art work, flags and gilding , the crew were modelled in clay first then a mould taken and cast in resin then painted, this was followed by the oars and  finally the base board, gilded lion mounts and name plates.  The paint work was done as the build progressed as some parts would not be accessible once the model was assembled.

A total in excess of 500 hours of time, three years on our dining room table!